Trademark infringements in Vietnam

Intellectual property infringements generally and trademark infringements particularly are huge problems which affect enterprise’s reputation and owner’s benefits. This is a serious problem may incurred through the business and developing brand process of enterprise. With many experiences in representing for clients in intellectual property field, HNLaw Firm believe that we could do our best to support clients in dealing with trademark infringements as well as intellectual property infringements.

To deal with infringements, enterprise needs to establish the grounds by providing HNLAW&PARTNERS Firm the following documents:

  • Power of attorney (provided form by HNLaw Firm);
  • Notarized copies of the Trademark Protection Title or any document which can prove the trademark ownership or use rights;
  • The Certificate of Business Registration;
  • Good samples which contain the trademark;
  • Good samples of violation party or documents which can prove trademark infringements of violation party;
  • Violation party’s information: enterprise name, address, contact information (if any);
  • Conduct trademark assessment to collect evidences proving trademark infringements of violation party.

Step 1: Consult about infringement warnings:

After establishing grounds and being authorized by enterprise, HNLaw Firm will warn violation party as the intellectual property representative and require them to stop trademark infringements:

  • Check and specify violation party’s information;
  • Consult and draft documents to requiring violation party to stop trademark infringements;
  • Represent for enterprise to work with violation party.

Step 2: Require authorized state bodies to enforce administrative penalty:

  • Intellectual property examining;
  • Represent for clients to require administrative penalty: contact and submit request dossier to authorized state bodies: Market Control Department, Food Safety Agency, Economic Police Office, Science and Technology Inspectorate,…

Trademark infringements/Intellectual property infringements consulting services at HNLaw Firm:

  • Dealing with trademark infringement procedures;
  • Require violation party stop violating;
  • Trademark examining;
  • Require authorized state bodies conduct assessment and give conclusion about intellectual property infringements;
  • Require authorized state bodies to enforce penalty;
  • Represent for clients as a lawyer to participate in civil procedures at the authorized courts.

If you have any concerns about dealing with trademark infringements in Vietnam, please feel free to contact HNLAW&PARTNERS Law Firm to get legal advice and to be supported during the procedures!

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