Postal services business licenses

Postal services business licenses

(Postal services business licenses) I. Legal bases:

  • Law on post 2010;
  • Decree 47/2011/ND-CP regulating detailed execution several contents of Law on Post.

II. Contents:

According to clause 1 Article 21 Law on Post: “Any letter service provider that has a recipient address for a single letter weighing up to 2 kilograms (kg) must possess a postal service business license (below referred to as postal license) granted by a competent state agency in charge of post. ” So, when being in this case, an enterprise must implement procedures to be granted the license according to the following contents:

1. Conditions to be granted the Postal Services Business License (Article 21 Law on Post 2010; Article 5 Decree 47/2011/ND-CP)

  • Having a business registration certificate for postal activities or an investment certificate in the post sector;
  • Being financially capable and staffed with personnel suitable to its business plan for business lines subject to licensing;
  • In case of supplying postal services in scale of inside – province and inter – province, enterprise must possess amount of capital at least 02 billion VND
  • In case of supplying international postal services, enterprise is required to satisfy minimal capital level of 05 billion VND
  • Having a feasible business plan compliant with regulations on postage rates and quality of postal services;
  • Devising measures to assure information security and safety for humans, postal articles and postal networks.

2. Dossier for the grant of postal license (Article 6 Decree 47/2011/NĐ-CP)

Documents of request for issuance of postal license will be made into 03 sets, including 01 original and 02 copies. Enterprise will be responsible for seal by itself and accuracy of these two duplicates.

Documents of request for issuance of postal license consist of:

  • Application form for issuance of postal license (in accordance with form of Annex I);
  • Copy of business registration certificate or investment registration certificate in postal sector in Vietnam sealed and taken all responsibilities for accuracy by the enterprise;
  • Charter on the operation and activities of the enterprise (if any);
  • Business plans;
  • Sample of contract for supplying and using of postal services in accordance with regulations of law on post;
  • Specific symbol sample, mark, sign or other elements in trademark identification system of enterprise presented in postal products (if any);
  • Postal service fare complying with regulations of law on post;
  • Standard for quality of postal services published and applied in accordance with regulations Posts law;
  • Regulations on limitation to liability of compensation for damages in relevant cases, process for settlement of customer’s complain and terms for settlement of claim pursuant to regulations of posts law;
  • Negotiations with other enterprises, foreign partners in Vietnamese language, in case of cooperation to supply one, some or all phases of postal service requested for issuance of permit;
  • Documents certified legal entity of foreign partner by consular legalization in accordance with regulations mentioned to in section k clause 2 of this Article.

3. Submitting methods: Direct or through a post office.

4. Place to submit:

  • Department of Information and Communication: postal services supplies in scale of a province.
  • Ministry of Information and Communication: postal services supplies in interprovincial and international scale

5. Term of the grant: 30 days from the day receiving the relevant dossier.

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