License of printing activities

License of printing activities

License of printing activities Printing is a very common activity from past to now because every essential document we use, we deal such as contracts, bills, invoices, books,… are made from printing activity. Especially, according to laws, those essential documents always have to be made in writing. They could be the proofs, evidences in every agreement between parties and hard to be deleted or amended. In some kind of documents, if an printing unit want to make them, it must have an license of printing activity. So what are they? what are the conditions and procedures for this? HNLaw & Partners hereafter would like to guide Customer about such issue as follows:

Legal bases:

  • Decree 60/2014/ND-CP prescribing printing activities;
  • Decree 25/2018/ND-CP amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Government’s Decree No. 60/2014/ND-CP of June 19, 2014, prescribing printing activities

I. Products of a printing establishment that license is required

License is required for the printing establishments producing:

  •  Newspapers, magazines and other press publications prescribed by the press law;
  •  Anti-counterfeit stamps;

II. Conditions

  • Having appropriate printing equipment to perform one or several of the stages of prepress, press and post press according to its demand and operation capability and in line with the contents of its application for grant of a printing license or the printing establishment operation registration declaration;
  • Having a lawful area for performing prepress, press and post press operations;
  • Being owned by a Vietnamese organization or individual and headed by a Vietnamese citizen lawfully residing in Vietnam and having full civil act capacity.

III. Order and procedures of licensing of printing activities

1. Dossier:

  • An application for a printing license, made according to a set form;
  • A certified copy or copy attached with the original for comparison of one of the papers: business registration certificate, enterprise registration certificate, investment certificate, tax registration certificate, or establishment decision, for public non-business printing units;
  • A resume of the head of the printing establishment, made according to a set form.

2. Methods of submitting dossier:

Case 1: Printing establishments under ministries or central agencies or organizations shall send a dossier via the online public service system or by post or courier service or submit it directly to the Ministry of Information and Communications;

Case 2: Other printing establishments shall send a dossier via the online public service system or by post or courier service or submit it directly to provincial-level People’s Committees

3. Term of license granting: Within 15 days after receiving a complete dossier

4. Competent authority: Ministry of Information and Communications or provincial-level People’s Committees

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