License fees for foreign companies

License fees for foreign companies

(License fees for foreign companies) Foreign Direct Investment companies (FDI) when established and operated in Vietnam must also pay license fees every year according to Vietnam laws as Vietnamese Companies. HNLaw & Partners please guide enterprises on the license fees for FDI companies in Vietnam as follows:

(License fees for foreign companies) Legal base: Circular No. 302/2016/TT-BTC guiding on license fees.

1. Amounts of license fees

🎗️Article 4 Circular 302/2016/TT-BTC regulating on the amounts of license fees as follows:

  • Companies with investment capital greater than VND 10 billion: VND 3,000,000 Dong/year.
  • Companies with investment capital less than or equal to VND 10 billion: VND 2,000,000 Dong/year;
  • Branches, representative officials, business locations of the Companies: 1,000,000 Dong/year.

🎗️The amounts of license fees to Foreign Direct Investment Companies based on the charter capital written on Investment Registration Certificate.

2. License fees declaring

🎗️According to Article 5 Circular 302/2016/TT-BTC regulating on the license fees declaring as follows:

  • Declaring a one-time license fees when the new foreign direct invested company comes into operation, no later than the last day of the month in which the business is started;
  • In case a foreign-invested company has just established a business establishment but has not yet conducted production and business activities, it is required to declare the license fee within 30 days from the date of issuance of the business registration certificate.

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