Legal services for startups

Legal services for startups

Startups always concern about issues for their business startups. They wonder how they can start up with the most saving fees. Hnlaw & Partners law firm provide comprehensive legal services for startups with the most beneficial fees and the fees applied for business registration is very advantageous for startups.

We provide free consultation fees regarding to business registration including:

  • Free screen for names of enterprises which is the most suitable for clients’ wishes.
  • Fee consultation for headquarters of enterprises, free support for enterprise’ head quarters in case the clients have not had the headquarters.
  • Free consultation about suitable legal capital for each main business lines of companies
  • Free consultation about main business lines, actual analysis for main business lines which does not need for sub-licenses.
  • Provision of free notarization service for identity card/passport, thus saving times for clients
  • Quick Assistance of dossiers so that clients can check the information quickly.
  • Fees for business registration reduces from 500,000 VND with the first 100 clients who set up business from July.
  • Support fees reduction for digital signature (applied for 1,800,000 VND/03 years included VAT) and free tax declaration for new established enterprises
  • Support procedures for sub-licenses with the most beneficial fees in Hanoi regions and Hochiminh city.

For more details, please contact Hnlaw & Partners at (+84)912918296, email:

Address: DBS Building, N028, Plot 31, Ha Tri commercial and service zone, Ha Tri, Ha Dong, Ha Noi.

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