Industries eligible for investment incentives

Industries eligible for investment incentives

Industries eligible for investment incentives

Industries eligible for investment incentives_Questions: Can the enterprise with business lines in import and distribution of software gain investment incentives


According to Clause 2, Article 15 of the 2014 Law on Investment, Subjects entitled to investment incentives (industries eligible for investment incentives) includes:

  • Investment projects in the sectors and trades eligible for investment incentives
  • Investment projects in the geographical areas eligible for investment incentives
  • Geographical areas meeting with difficult or extremely difficult socioeconomic conditions;
  • Industrial parks, export-processing zones, hi-tech parks and economic zones.
  • Investment projects capitalized at VND 6,000 billion or more, disbursing at least VND 6,000 billion within 3 years after obtaining an investment registration certificate or investment policy decision
  • Rural investment projects employing at least 500 workers
  • Hi-tech enterprises, science and technology enterprises, and science and technology organizations

According to Article 16 of the 2014 Law on Investment, supplemented by Point a Clause 1 Article 33 of the 2017 Law on Small and Medium Enterprise Support, industries eligible for investment incentives include:

  • Hi-tech activities, hi-tech supporting industry products; research and development activities
  • Production of new materials, new energies, clean energies and renewable energies; manufacture of products with an added value of at least 30% and energy-efficient products
  • Manufacture of electronic products, key mechanical products, agricultural machinery, automobiles and automobile parts; shipbuilding
  • Manufacture of supporting industry products for textile-garment and leather-footwear industries, and for the products prescribed at Point c of this Clause;
  • Manufacture of information technology products, software and digital content
  • Cultivation and processing of agricultural, forest and fishery products; forest planting and protection; salt production; marine fishing and fishing logistic services; production of plant varieties and animal breeds and biotech products;   
  • Waste collection, treatment, recycling or re-use;
  • Investment in development, operation and management of infrastructure facilities; development of mass transit in urban centers
  • Pre-school education, general education and vocational education;
  • Medical examination and treatment; production of drugs and drug materials, major drugs, essential drugs, preventive and curative drugs for social diseases, vaccines, medical bioproducts, herbal medicines and oriental medicines; scientific research into preparation technologies and biotechnologies for producing new drugs
  • Investment in physical training and sports facilities for people with disabilities or professional athletes; protection and promotion of the value of cultural heritages;
  • Investment in geriatric centers, psychiatric centers, treatment centers for orange agent victims; nursing homes for the elderly, people with disabilities, orphans and street children
  • People’s credit funds and microfinance institutions
  • Investment in and operation of distribution chains for products of small- and medium-sized enterprises; technical establishments supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises and small- and mediumsized enterprise incubators and common working areas supporting innovative startup small- and medium-sized enterprises in accordance with the law on support for small- and medium-sized enterprises;

Therefore, if your company produces software, you will be eligible for investment incentives.

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