Hnlaw & Partners legal training services for legal departments of enterprises

Hnlaw & Partners legal training services for legal departments of enterprises

Currently, lawyer-in-house, corporate counsel, legal department, legal affairs (legal department) are hired by enterprises to deal with all arising issues of enterprises. The most important role for these units are to eliminate legal risks for enterprises. For high-risk cases, legal department should sign contract with a law firm to handle with the issue.  

Legal departments in Vietnam are developing more and more. However, they still lack many soft skills to handle with problems of enterprises. That’s why Hnlaw & Partners Law Firm holds a training course to train about soft skills for legal departments of enterprise as follows:

  • Skills on making sub-license
  • Skills on handling with the problems and internal disputes in the enterprises
  • Skills on settling with tax, labor and insurance issues
  • Skills on drafting standard contracts for all the transaction of the enterprise
  • Skills on checking the contract
  • Skills on applying Hs code for products that the enterprise want to import or export
  • Skills on changing business registration

In details, we help you get the following skills

  • Documentary skills help you negotiate and sign the contract
  • Dispute settlement skills help you win in the litigation
  • Legal document building skills help you to systematize the legal document of the enterprise
  • Skills on drafting the documents for the enterprise logically.
  • Skills on legal consultancy

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