At-law representative absent from Vietnam

At-law representative absent from Vietnam As stipulated in Article 13, Law on Enterprise 2014, the at-law representative of an enterprise means an individual who represents the enterprise to exercise the rights and perform the obligations arising from transactions of the enterprise, and represents the enterprise in the capacity as plaintiff, respondent or person with related … Read moreAt-law representative absent from Vietnam

Some questions for importing foods

Some questions for importing foods In order to import foods into Vietnam, we have following procedures and issues: Step 1: Declaration of food: Declaration of conformity or Declaration of compliance with food safety regulations QUE: Where could we obtain the documents? => Point 1, Article 15, Decree 15/2018/ND-CP elaborating some articles of the law of … Read moreSome questions for importing foods

TikTok to remove Zing-owned tracks

TikTok to remove Zing-owned tracks If successful, VNG’s lawsuit against TikTok for copyright infringement is expected to contribute to the process of extending copyright protection for music in Vietnam. The local tech circle is stirring with news that Vietnamese unicorn VNG has filed a lawsuit against TikTok, a China-based social networking platform, for illegally using … Read moreTikTok to remove Zing-owned tracks

Business registration agencies?

Business registration agencies? Business registration agencies? 💰All types of business organizations must be registered with an unified agency, following the simplest procedure for carrying out business activities. So which State agency will be the key agency to carry out the business registration for enterprises? HNLaw & Partners would like to guide customers as follows: Legal … Read moreBusiness registration agencies?

Share transferring

Share transferring 🎀Enterprise Law 2014 clearly stipulates the right to transfer shares, cases of transfer of shares. Hnlaw & Partners please outline some of these provisions as follows: 1. Right to transfer shares: 🎀According to clause 1 Article 126 Law on Enterprise 2014: “Shares may be freely transferred” Except the following cases: Charter of the … Read moreShare transferring

License fees for foreign companies

License fees for foreign companies (License fees for foreign companies) Foreign Direct Investment companies (FDI) when established and operated in Vietnam must also pay license fees every year according to Vietnam laws as Vietnamese Companies. HNLaw & Partners please guide enterprises on the license fees for FDI companies in Vietnam as follows: (License fees for … Read moreLicense fees for foreign companies

Updating the new industry code

🌳Updating the new industry code 🌳Nowadays, Vietnam Standard Industrial Classification is officially applied according to Decision 27/2018/QĐ-TTg. In this Decision, there are a significant number of sectors have changed from the old standard industrial classification. So do an enterprise must update its business lines according to the new standard industrial classification. HNLaw & Partners please … Read moreUpdating the new industry code

Announcement on change of head office

Announcement on change of head office 🎀 When changing the address of the head office, an enterprise must announce it to the Business Registration Office within 10 days from the day that the changed content was accepted. 🎀 it compulsory to announce the change of the company address? 🎀Clause 2, Article 32, Law on Enterprise … Read moreAnnouncement on change of head office

👩 Chief accountant in an enterprise

👩 Chief accountant in an enterprise 💰 Enterprises are established in accordance with the provisions of law on enterprise and relevant guiding documents. Nowadays, a significant number of individuals and organizations have questions on accountants especially is it must to have an chief accountant in an enterprise. So, does an enterprise need an chief accountant? … Read more👩 Chief accountant in an enterprise

Value-added tax calculation methods

Value-added tax calculation methods (Value-added tax calculatiom methods) Value added tax (VAT) is one of the common tax for any company paid during the operation. Nowadays, when having a decision or starting to implement the decision to establish a company, the owner need to determine that which VAT calculation method that his or her company … Read moreValue-added tax calculation methods