Consultation on project operation

Consultation on project operation

(Consultation on project operation) According to the current Law on Investment, Investment project means a set of proposals on using medium- or long-term capital to conduct business investment activities in a specific geographical area within a specified period of time. The process of managing and implementing an investment project is a complex one. It includes tasks such as monitoring and controlling all aspects of a project and stimulating all participants in the project. To achieve project objectives on time with specific costs, quality and performance, coming to HNLaw & Partners Law Firm, customers will enjoy top services with a team of professional lawyers.

According to that, HNLaw & Partners will consult and help investors to compile, prepare documents and complete all administration procedures according to the provisions to complete the dossier and ask for the grant of the Investment Registration Certificate for investors, register the seal and tax code.

The practice shows that the stage of implementing and managing the project is the most important stage. Hence, HNLaw & Partners also consults the investors on the procedures of export, import and other issues as follows:

  • Transferring capital, converting the investment method, increasing/decreasing capital, extending the functions;
  • Tax incentives, tax refund, tax exemptions, land lease cost exemptions, export rewards;
  • Establishing representative office, the branch of the foreign investor in Viet Nam and aboard.
  • Issues relating to Labor Code, regulations relating to hiring;
  • Consultation relating to operation and structure of the managing department of the project;
  • Consulting and supporting legal issues relating to the implement process: permanent legal consulting for investment project, the owner of the investment project.
  • Consulting and implementing tasks under the authority of the owner of investment project;
  • Consulting legal issues of the investment project relating to real estate business, construction project, production project;
  • Contract consultation: Construction contract, capital mobilization contract (real estate business), Sale and Purchase Contract, Foreign trading, export and import contract, Commercial Contract, Labor Contract.
  • Consultation on the legal issues to ensure the contract implementation and solve the disputes in the process to implement and develop the project.
  • Appointing the lawyers to solve disputes through negotiating, mediating and being the representative to protect investors in the Arbitrator and Viet Nam Court.


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