Constant consulting service

Constant consulting service

Nowadays, there is a significant number of enterprises choose the constant consultancy though a law firms or law companies instead of establishing a enterprise legislation board. Because of understanding such demand of enterprise, HNLaw & Partners provide enterprises the constant consulting service. This is the clever and effective consulting service that is experienced by many enterprises to ensure the legal for their enterprise.

The constant consulting service includes:

  • To consult and answer all questions of enterprises on the legal issues relating to the manufacturing and trading activities of the enterprises
  • To consult on contracts (Including commercial contracts and civil contracts)
  • To consult on the enterprise management, building, innovating and protecting the trademark in particular and the intellectual property in general;
  • To frequently provide new information that relating to or enable to impact on the manufacturing and trading activities of the enterprises;
  • To provide list of newest legal documents relating to the fields of the enterprise periodically (weekly, monthly) though email, fax, letter;
  • To support customers maximum to ensure the legal standard and most profitation, safety in all the manufacturing and trading activities (Check the legality of documents issued by customer as well as documents received by customers);
  • To give the preference when two sides sign contracts for the tasks needed to be developed out of the extent of the constant legal consult;
  • To have commission when introduce customers for the company;
  • To consult other issues relating to the business activities of the enterprises.

Why customers choose the service of HNLaw & Parners

  • Constant consulting is the most effective saving solution. It is no need to spend an huge amount of wages to establish and maintain a Legislation Board or a legal executive team;
  • To receive the all-round consult of lawyers on legal issues that the enterprises face;
  • To collect benefits due to the accurate and timely direction with the newest legal policies;
  • To receive the related legal documents from the consulting company with the most convenient forms;
  • It is no need to provide a permanent work seat for a counsel in the enterprises;

Customers who have the demand to use the constant consulting service please contact HNLaw & Partners.

For more details please contact:


Address: DBS Building, N028, Lot 31, Commercial Services and Housing Area in Ha Tri, Ha Tri Ward, Ha Dong, Hanoi.


Hotline: 0912.918.296

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