Do you want to register trade marks in Viet Nam?

Trade mark registration or proprietary registration is imperative and extremely important for trade mark owners to protect intellectual property for businesses. We will help make your trade mark registration process easier than ever. There are some information related to the trade mark registration process: Who have right to register trade marks? Organizations and individuals shall … Read moreDo you want to register trade marks in Viet Nam?

Benefits of trade mark registration

There are many advantages to registering a trade mark. A trade mark can be your most valuable marketing tool and can help you to: position your products or services in the marketplace protect your business identity safeguard your reputation Typically, the more successful your business becomes, the more valuable your trade mark is likely to … Read moreBenefits of trade mark registration

Merger and acquisition in vietnam

Introduction Alongside with the Vietnam’s economy being integrated into the global economy, merger and acquisition (“M&A”) have occurred in Vietnam recently. Currently, most of major M&A transactions are in the cases of offshore investment funds acquiring the business together with the controlling rights in private equity deals and some other cases by local businesses. M&A … Read moreMerger and acquisition in vietnam

Establishment of 100% foreign-invested enterprises

The establishment of a 100% foreign-owned enterprise is an indispensable result of the ever-expanding integration and development. However, before implementing the procedures for establishment, investors must apply for investment certificates in accordance with the Law on Investment 2014 and guiding documents. Enterprises with 100% foreign-invested capital are enterprises with 100% charter capital of foreign investors … Read moreEstablishment of 100% foreign-invested enterprises

Conditions for carrying out franchising activities for foreign traders

Commercial franchising is one of the forms of commercial business. Accordingly, the franchisor authorizes the franchisor to conduct the purchase and sale of goods or services according to the business organization provided by the franchisor in association with trademarks, trade names, and secrets. franchise business, business logo and advertising image. In order to participate in … Read moreConditions for carrying out franchising activities for foreign traders

Procedures for obtaining construction permits for foreign contractors

Procedures for applying for construction permits for foreign contractors take place in a certain order, initially you need to complete documents and documents. After a period of slowdown, the real estate market of Vietnam is gradually operating again in a more positive and vibrant way. The change of legal regulations such as Bidding Law, Construction … Read moreProcedures for obtaining construction permits for foreign contractors