Business registration agencies?

Business registration agencies?

Business registration agencies?

💰All types of business organizations must be registered with an unified agency, following the simplest procedure for carrying out business activities. So which State agency will be the key agency to carry out the business registration for enterprises? HNLaw & Partners would like to guide customers as follows:

Legal bases: Decree 78/2015/NĐ-CP, decree on the enterprise registration

1.  Business registration agencies (Article 13)

Business registration agencies are operated in provinces and central cities including:

  • At the provincial level: Business registration offices within provincial-level Planning and Investment Departments (below referred to as business registration offices).

💰Business registration offices may organize their points of dossier receipt and result notification at various places in their provincial-level localities.

💰For Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, one or two more business registration offices may be set up and numbered. The establishment of additional business registration offices shall be decided by the municipal People’s Committees after reaching agreement with the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

  • At the district level: Finance and planning offices within district-level People’s Committees shall carry out the registration of business households.

💰Business registration agencies have their own bank accounts and seals.

💰Thus, the business registration will fall under the jurisdiction of the business registration agencies.

2. Duties and power of Business registration offices (Article 16)

  • To directly receive dossiers of enterprise registration; check the validity of such dossiers and grant or reject to grant the Enterprise registration certificate.
  • To coordinate to construct, manage and run the National Information System on business registration; To implement the database normalization and updating of enterprise registration from local to National database of business registration.
  • To provide information on the business registration kept in the National Database of Business Registration within their respective localities to provincial-level People’s Committees, local tax departments and relevant agencies and organizations and individuals required by law.
  • To require businesses to report compliance with the provisions of the Law on Enterprise.
  • To directly check or request competent state agencies to check enterprises according to the contents of the enterprise registration dossier; to guide district business registration agencies in business households registration order and procedures; to guide enterprises and their founders on enterprise registration dossiers, order and procedures.
  • To request enterprises to suspend business in conditional business lines.
  • To evoke of certificate of business registration.
  • To register for other types as required by law.

3. Duties and power of District-level business registration agencies (Article 15)

  • To directly receive business household registration dossiers; check the validity of these dossiers, and grant or refuse to grant business household registration certificate;
  • To coordinate with one another in developing, managing and operating information systems for business households operating in their localities; to periodically report to district-level People’s Committees, business registration offices and tax agencies on the registration of business households in their localities;
  • To directly inspect or request competent state agencies to inspect business households against the contents in their registration dossiers; to provide guidance on dossiers, the order and procedures for business household registration;
  • To request business households to report on their business performance when necessary;
  • To request business households to temporarily cease conducting conditional business lines when finding out that they fail to fully satisfy the business conditions;
  • To revoke business household registration certificates;
  • To carry out registration for business households of other types in accordance with law.

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