👩 Chief accountant in an enterprise

👩 Chief accountant in an enterprise

👩 Chief accountant in an enterprise

💰 Enterprises are established in accordance with the provisions of law on enterprise and relevant guiding documents. Nowadays, a significant number of individuals and organizations have questions on accountants especially is it must to have an chief accountant in an enterprise. So, does an enterprise need an chief accountant? HNLaw & Partners please guide Customers as follows:

📚 According to the provision in Article 20 Decree 174/2016/ND-CP guiding Law on Account:

📚 All units must appoint their chief accountants, except the following units:

📔 State accounting units, including: accounting units with only one accountant or one part-time accountant, and budgetary and financial accounting units of communes, wards or townships, may only appoint accounting managers but not cheif accountants.

📔 Micro enterprises as defined by the law on support for small-and medium-sized enterprises may appoint accounting managers but are not required to appoint chief accountants.

📔 Thus, only such enterprises are not obliged to appoint cheif accountants.

The administrative fines for not appointing chief accounting

⚖ Article 17 Decree 41/2018/ND-CP regulating on the administrative fines on Account:

💰A fine from 10,000,000 VND to 20,000,000 VND for one of the following actions:

🕳Not operating the account system of the accounting units; not appoint accountants, chief accountants or not hire any organization or individual working on accounting service, chief accountant following the provisions.

🕳 Appointing the accountant which is enable to working on accounting by laws.

🕳 Appointing the accountant, chief accountant, who undertake accounting who does not meet the standards or conditions according to the provisions.   

🕳 Appointing the chief accountant, accountant not following the right order and procedures according to the provisions.

 💰 A fine from 20,000,000 VND to 30,000,000 VND to one of the following actions:

🕳 Appointing the manager and operator of the accounting unit but concurrently holding the position of accountant, storekeeper, cashier or buying, selling assets excepting private enterprises, limited liability company owned by one individual, other enterprises which not containing capital of the State and are the micro enterprises according law on small-and-medium-sized support.

🕳 Appointing the chief accountant who does not meet the standards and conditions according to the provisions.

🕳 Hiring the chief accountant who does not meet the standards and conditions according to the provisions.

💰 Ways to overcome the consequence: Appointing or hiring accountant, chief accountant, accounting undertaker meeting the standards and conditions.

🎟️ Above is the advice on “Chief accountant in an enterprise” of HNLaw & Partners. Customer who have any question or demand to use legal service please directly contact to Company for the detailed advice and best support.

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