Updating new business line codes

Updating new business line codes

Updating new business line codes

Updating new business line codes Nowadays, Vietnam Standard Industrial Classification is officially applied according to Decision No. 27/2018/QĐ-TTg. In said decision, there are a significant number of business line changed to the old classification. So is an enterprise forced to update new business line codes according to the new classification. HNLaw & Partners would like to guide Customer as follows:

According to Official Document No. 234/ĐKKD-NV, the Department of business registration management specifically guides as follows:

  • Enterprises granted Enterprise registration certificate before August 20th, 2018 are not forced to implement the procedure of updating business lines under the new classification.
  • The business lines updating under the new classification is implemented when enterprises has a demand or when enterprises announcing to change the business lines or requesting to change to Enterprise registration certificate.

Hence, the new business lines updating is a force when changing and supplying business lines or changing to Enterprise registration certificate..

Note: To companies established before August 20th, 2018 having the demand to establish branches, business locations, there will be a relation between old business lines and new business lines. Thus in order to set up branches and business locations, it is imperative that the parent company need to update the new business lines before carrying out the procedures for setting up branches and business locations.

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