Procedure for protecting intellectual property at Hnlaw & Partners Law Firm

Procedure for protecting intellectual property at Hnlaw & Partners Law Firm

Intellectual property ownership is ownership of organizations and individuals for intellectual property. Intellectual property rights mean rights of an organization or individual to intellectual assets comprising copyright and copyright related rights, industrial property rights and rights to plant varieties. Protection of intellectual property is very necessary. There are no compulsory regulations to implement intellectual property protection. However, in competitive situation at the current time, intellectual property owner has had many difficulties. They may face fake products, thus making their revenue fall.

At Hnlaw & Partners Law Firm, the procedure for protecting intellectual property is implemented in a very professional way. When the clients choose our legal consulting services, we’ll assist you in the following issues:

  • Consulting about type of works for copyright protection as well as subjects not protected as copyright protection registration
  • Consulting about dossiers for the author rights’ protection registration which is respectively the type of works that the client intends to register
  • Consulting about all the procedures, the way to submit the dossiers, the competent authority for submitting the copyright protection procedure
  • Consulting about all the procedures, the procedure on copyright registration, notices about the author copyright protection as regulated
  • Consulting about and giving the answers for all the questions of clients as required in author copyright registration

The Clients can believe in using our service on intellectual property protection of Hnlaw & Partners Law Firm because of the following benefits:

  • The reasonable fees for the total registration procedures. The fees is included state fees as regulated
  • The service is in total fees. The clients only need to provide basic information, thus receiving the certificate on intellectual protection certificate from us
  • We commit in our service quality
  • We have professional lawyers and well-experienced legal consultants
  • The time for implementing the service is quick and in line with our legal service contract

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