Investment Registration Certificate

Investment Registration Certificate is the legal writing demonstrating the investment of an investor on an investment project. So what is the Investment Registration Certificate? HNLaw & Partners would like to guide Customers as follows:  

Legal base: Law on Investment 2014


1.  What is Investment Registration Certificate? Investment Registration Certificate is an writting, electronic text recording the registration information of an investor on its investment project.

2. Granted subjects: Foreign investors, economic organizations having foreign investment capital.

3. Granted agencies: Investment registration office of Department of Planning & Investment or Management Boards of industrial, export processing, high-tech zones and economic zones.

4. Contents (Article 39 Law on Investment): Investment Registration Certificate: Investment Registration Certificate includes the following contents

  • Project code
  • Name, address of the investor
  • Name of the investment project
  • Implementing location of the project, superficies of the land used
  • Objective, scope of the investment project
  • Investment capital of the project (including contributed capital of the investor and mobilized capital), capital contribution and mobilization progress.
  •  Term of the project
  • Progress of the investment project implementation: progress of  basic building and put into activation (if any); progress of implementing the active objective; major category of the project, in case the project is implemented in each of stages,  it must be stipulated the objectives, term, contents of each stage.
  • Project distinction, support and basis, applicable condition (if any)
  • Conditions for the investor to implement the project (if any).

5. Cases of carrying out procedures for grant of investment registration certificates (Article 36 Law on Investment 2014):

  • Investment projects of foreign investors
  • Investment projects of the economic organizations in cases:
    • Having 51% or more of their charter capital held by a foreign investors, or having a majority of their general partners being foreign individuals, for partnerships;
    • Having 51% or more of their charter capital held by an economic organizations
    • Having 51% or more of their charter capital held by a foreign investors and an economic organizations

Hence, foreign investors investing in Vietnam must follow the procedures to apply for an investment registration certificate in the cases mentioned above.

6.  Procedures for grant of investment registration certificates are as follows (Article 37 Law on Investment):

  • For investment projects subject to investment policy decision of the State, investment registration agencies shall grant investment registration certificates to investors within 5 working days after receiving investment policy decisions.
  • For investment projects not subject to investment policy decision, investors shall carry out the following procedures:
    • Investors shall submit dossiers to the investment registration agency;
    • Within 15 days after receiving a complete dossier, the investment registration agency shall grant an investment registration certificate. In case of refusal, it shall issue a written reply clearly stating the reason to the investor.

Above is the advice on “Investment registration certificate of the enterprise” of HNLaw & Partners. Customers who have any questions or needs to use legal services please contact the Company directly for detailed advice and best support.

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