Hnlaw & Partners Services for Merges and Acquisition (“M&A”)

Hnlaw & Partners with a professional and strong team in clients’ consultation and assistance for local M & A transaction and international M&A transaction for each different field of business

Due Diligence and Evaluation: We implement due diligence and evaluation for total purpose of M& A transaction.

Policy consultation: We consult to the client about policy of Vietnam in terms of M& A including consultation about legal cons and actual fences for the foreign purchaser as well as the local purchaser. We suggest about creative solutions to settle the problems and difficulties in legal sites and practice for each M& A transaction.

Legal consultation and M & A contract drafting, transaction dossiers: We consult points in relation to M&A transaction including supervision and consult to clients about dossiers used for transaction including proposals and recommendation. We draft all the dossiers including contract’s preparation to implement M& A transaction and other related dossiers to complete M& A transaction.

Negotiation: We act on behalf of clients to negotiate with related parties about dossiers and contract to complete M & A transaction.

Application dossiers: We act on behalf of clients and assist clients to submit the application dossiers for M&A; supervising investigation procedures and make registration for this application dossiers to the competent authority in Vietnam. We represent on behalf of clients in explaining about transaction to the competent authority for its approvals, registration and necessary licenses.

For more consultation, please contact us at (+84)912918296


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