Hnlaw & Partners services for Enterprise merges and acquisition in Vietnam

In actual practice of Hnlaw & Partners for enterprise merges and acquisition, Hnlaw & Partners advises that there should a complete system for this system.

The promulgation for an unique document guiding issues on enterprise merges and acquisition in Vietnam is very necessary because most of regulations about merges and acquisition in Vietnam lines separately in law on enterprise 2014 and civil code 2015. This can be a decree to connect all regulations in relation to merges and acquisition in Vietnam. Thus, we can find some important contents about merges and acquisition is about management authority for merges and acquisition; procedures for implementation, regulation on information promulgation in relation to merge and acquisition, types of merges and acquisition, types of prohibited merges and acquisition.

Hnlaw & Partners also suggest for a professional merges and acquisition. So that, the management authority shall regulate about:

  • Information promulgation about subjects as enterprises
  • Type of information and methods of information promulgation
  • Building an electronic website about information promulgation in term of merges and acquisition

Hnlaw & Partners hold a legal training course about merges and acquisition for enterprises in Vietnam.

At the current time, Hnlaw & Partners involve in this market with consultation about solutions for merges and acquisition; consultation about merges and acquisitions to the required party. An enterprise that is still not good in operation but ensure tax and insurance obligations can be a subject for merges and acquisition.

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