Hnlaw & Partners Services for contract of renting cars

Hnlaw & Partners Services for contract of renting cars

When having demands on renting cars, clients need to have a renting car contract prepared to ensure their rights and benefits. Hnlaw & Partners law firm provides legal service in drafting renting car contracts. In actual, Hnlaw & Partners assist to draft renting car contracts for clients so that it can ensure rights and benefits of parties involved in the contract.

When involving in renting car transaction, the clients want to rent cars must note about some following issues:

  • Insurance for civil responsibilities:

The partner who have cars rent must buy insurance for civil responsibilities for car, insurance for passengers in cars, health insurance in accordance with Vietnam law. They also bear responsibilities in dealing with all arising issues and fees as a consequence of traffic accident for passengers and property in cars.

  • Liability insurance:

Partners must assume the responsibility to cover the liability insurance, insurance for passengers, health insurance for the driver in accordance with regulations of the Vietnam and bear all responsibility for traffic accident (if any) and fees as consequences of traffic accident relating to passengers and assets.

  • Changes in diezel price:

The rental charge will be calculated based on petrol is (fixed) VND/litre; diezel price is (fixed) VND/litre.  In case of the continual increase or decrease in the fuel price, the rental charge will be mutually negotiable and re-adjustable by the two Parties.

  • Changes on drivers: there are two circumstances for strict implementation:

+ In case of the fact that the driver leaves on sick leave or any personal problems, the partner will have to assign a temporary driver duly qualified to work in his place for the period of his leave and the client is not responsible for surcharging any costs for the replaced one.

+ If any changes on driver or car, the partner further makes advance announcement at least 01 day to THE CLIENT upon THE CLIENT ’s permission.

  • Rights and obligations of parties: It is necessary to verify the partner’s obligations for ensuring the exact time for employees’ delivery to work of THE CLIENT’s employees. Because any late delivery for THE CLIENT’s employees shall cause bad effects to THE CLIENT’s employees’ works and THE CLIENT’s working plan.

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