How many company established is permissible?

How many company established is permissible? (How many company established is permissible?) An organization or an individual wanting to establish an enterprise must meet several certain conditions according to the regulations of law on enterprise. Recently, HNLaw & Partners have received many request on consulting related to enterprise establishment. One of the remarkable questions is: … Read moreHow many company established is permissible?

Updating new business line codes

Updating new business line codes Updating new business line codes Nowadays, Vietnam Standard Industrial Classification is officially applied according to Decision No. 27/2018/QĐ-TTg. In said decision, there are a significant number of business line changed to the old classification. So is an enterprise forced to update new business line codes according to the new classification. … Read moreUpdating new business line codes

Insurance for employees

Insurance for employees Social Insurance is the guarantee which exchanging or compensating a part of income of employees when their income are reduced or lost because of the sickness, maternity, industrial accident, retirement or death, based on the payment to the social insurance fund. Depending ton the time that an enterprise register to pay social … Read moreInsurance for employees

Numeral code and bar code-granting charge

Numeral code and bar code-granting charge is an amount of money that subjects must pay to create and maintain the barcode. Numeral code and bar code-granting charge_ Using barcodes, organizations and enterprises need to pay a barcode registration charge to use and maintain every year. According to Circular 232/2016/TT-BTC, there are three main types: 1. … Read moreNumeral code and bar code-granting charge

Constant consulting service

Constant consulting service Nowadays, there is a significant number of enterprises choose the constant consultancy though a law firms or law companies instead of establishing a enterprise legislation board. Because of understanding such demand of enterprise, HNLaw & Partners provide enterprises the constant consulting service. This is the clever and effective consulting service that is … Read moreConstant consulting service

Real estate activity

Real estate activity Real estate activity: Supply the business line of real estate business for enterprises Nowadays, real estate business provides investment business owners a massive of profit. However, an enterprise which wants to do real estate business needs to carry out the procedures of supplying the real estate business line and must meet conditions … Read moreReal estate activity

Enterprise management

Enterprise management An enterprise can develop or not is significantly based on the management of the individual who holds the position as enterprise management. One of the enterprise manager playing the essential role is director, general director. To have a more specific knowledge on the director, general director of an enterprise, HNLaw & Partners please … Read moreEnterprise management

Age to establishing an enterprise

Age to establishing an enterprise Age to establising an enterprise With the current market economy, a significant of enterprises are being established; So along with it, the subjects to start-up are in very different ages. The law regulates the age of establishing an enterprise, and not everyone knows this. HNLaw & Partners would like to … Read moreAge to establishing an enterprise